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Final pricing is based on framing choices, dimensions and other factors.  Carports much less per sq ft.  Per sq ft cost for most metal buildings will be between $14 and $20 per sq ft.  Expect an additional $5 to $7 per sq ft for most concrete work.  Spray Foam Insulation is an additional option.

Carports / RV Covers / Pavilions

Metal Barns

Each Metal-framed Building can be modified in width, length and height.  Light-gauge framing typically consists of 12 or 14-gauge galvanized steel square posts.  Standard roof and walls consist of Modified R-panel (or R-panel) in 26 or 29-gauge sheet metal.  Maximum free-span width is 60 feet.  Maximum height is 20 feet.  No limitation on the length of a metal building.  Other framing and outer skin options may also be available.  Also, there are many options for windows, doors, rollup doors and sectional garage doors.

$14 & up... per sq ft

Shops / Garages